Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Do I Shave 30 Minutes Off My Marathon Time?

Ok, the first Marathon challenge is over and it's time to look to the future. Given my eventual goal to run the Six Foot Track I need to work towards an improved Marathon time (their cut off is 4:20)......I would be grateful for any more experienced long distance runners to give me any advice they can....

Should i run longer distances?
Include speed training ?
Lose abit more weight?

Any advice welcome?


  1. Hi Paul,

    Im no expert but from experience, all ive done is gradually increase my weekly distance and been fairly consistent. My guess, if you start training when your ready and get a good 9 months under your belt or so then you'll get to the 4.20 stage without having to do any serious speed work.

  2. nine months? gee? i have four? to what kind of weekly distance would you recomend?

  3. Paul,
    Concentrate on distance this will mean you will have a more consistent pace on race day and be less likely to fade. I am no expert however but I also think trying to improve your time by 1/2 an hour is massively ambitous that is speeding up by more than 1 minute every single mile!! Cut yourself some slack and look to improve by 15 minutes still a massive 30 plus seconds every mile but much more achievable and then look to take 15 off this next time.
    Good luck