Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Chilling

Just chillin'

For the first time in forever I am just running for enjoyment with no particular goal in sight..the next run isnt until August (Jabalani Challange 26km trail run) so I have quite abit of time up my sleeve to just enjoy it without pushing the envelope

Im focussing mainly on adjusting my posture while running, doing my physio exercises so as to prevent ankle tendonitis..hopefully for good..ive noticed the more i do them the better my posture, core is in.....apparently this eases overpronation...

Running wthout a goal is pretty fantastic....I can talk to my buddies, take photos, stop to smell the roses on bush runs and rediscover why the whole thing is so fantastic....

Having said that im pretty happy with my times...around 5.4mins/k over 10kms....including rler coaster hills...maybe chilling out is the best way to do it!

This photo is better

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