Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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If you run in a group you'll know that one of the great benefits is the combination of competition and encourament that it provides, a mixture that keeps each person moving forward and improving their times and endurance as the months go by.......

I promised one of the Westleigh Warriors, Joe, that I'd write about him tonite, a very impressive runner who murders sprints (our fastest bar one) and who has managed to go from a 7km max to 18kms in a matter of months (hello !!!!) and whose times have also improved by up to 30 secs/km in such a short time....he only did his first 12km four weeks ago !!!

......he flatly refused to send me a photo so i was forced to use the ones above from Google, (they share his exact full name).......

Where the hell did you come from ? I took the time out to make him this video !

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