Friday, July 23, 2010

How Do You Increase Lung Capacity

As an ex-smoker ive seen how radical a difference running can make to lung capacity.....this really dawned on me fully while doing my regular friday swim today....I realised I could turn for a breath every other lap without too much difficulty; this would have been completely impossible 12 months ago..

My big challenge, though, is to use my lungs properly when i run....I notice that when Im pushing it I forget to breath deeply and pant really fast instead......all my reading seems to say i need to breath all the way in, then all the way out, holding my arms a little further out to open up my chest, keep my body upright, be relaxed..not constrict my lungs.....i need to apply my swimming style to my running...

Looking around the web the main ideas for increasing capacity after breathing properly seem to be altitude training (not possible), give up smoking (done) and lap swimming......Ehow has a good list....anybody got any other advice ?

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  1. THanks I have been wondering about this as a new ex-smoker and new runner.