Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do I Really Have to Learn to Run Alone ?

Been thinking about the Half Marathon coming up in a few months and my dissapointment with not breaking the 2hour mark on my first in May. There are lots of possible reasons for it:

1. I planned to just make it and so I did
2. We didnt train enough times at race distance ?
3. I went out too fast
4. The crowds slowed me down abit

I think they may all be abit true but I think the main reason was that I did all of my training in a group. We hit 5.5mins/km on a reasonably hilly route on most big runs (16,18,21kms) so there's quite a discrepancy to account for. Im thinking that the main reason is that when i ran the half i ran most of it on my own and tend to slow down sluggishly and forget to push. When Im in a group the competition between runners always pushes me along.

So what to do ? Im thinking I should run 18kms this weekend solo just to get used to pushing myself a little over such a long distance ?


  1. For my first Half Marathon, I used a timing strip with my mile split times on. Just running with that and a stop watch was a really good way of ensuring that I kept to my desired pace.

  2. i assume you need km markers on the run to do this ?