Saturday, July 10, 2010

Steady As She Goes

Todays 14km run slow and steady with some short steep heroics, no sprints up hill, no jossling for position, just a pleasant pace which i thoroughly enjoyed....Ive been abit stressed lately worrying about how I can keep up the fast speeds and the toll its taken on my body (groin injury) and on my i ran 80.5 minutes which really isnt up to scratch, I ran the same course a month ago in 73.5 but Im learning to listen to my body and do as Im told...........when i was running i was thinking about the metaphor of how its like marriage....sometimes its great, sometimes it's hard but the key is just deciding to keep at it....just to get up and do it no matter what the feelings or the times........Im surprised sometimes by all the emotions it does stir up but I think today I realise that being obsessed with always improving really isnt what it's all about.....finding the picture of 'fat me' helped me get some perspective.........

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