Thursday, July 22, 2010

9 Days Until The Bay Run

Stairway to Hell

Nine days until the first race in a long while, The Bay Run 7kms, a flat fast run around Iron Cove, following the water all the way. After this there is City2Surf (14kms), Pub2Pub (13Kms) then Blackmore's Half Marathon in September.... all in a row so its a nice lead in.....tried to do a harder runthis morning than i have been doing lately, a 6.5km route that is flat alot of the way but ends with some terrible hills...5.43mins/kms....Ill need to speed it up abit on race day but there will be no hills....aiming for a 35 minute time...........hopefully if I really go for it it will serve as a good confidence booster for the longer races to come....

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