Monday, November 21, 2011


Im not sure if your really allowed a taper when you havent yet peaked but Im having one anyway for the Marysville half Marathon next weekend...due to a sprained ankle, the flu, travel and then chi-practice Im feeling pretty undercooked as far as running any sort of PB.

My general aim this time will be form over speed...if i can go out steady and keep my form when the going gets tough, enjoy the race and emerge without too many strains Ill be happy...

The honest truth sa Im just happy to be running more freely and enjoying it again thanks to the change in my posture...i kind of know now that injury prevention is all down to me and wether or not I keep it up and listen to my body when it tries to tell me something....this is good.

After the half there are no more races until Canberra Marathon in well as training for this the aim will be to hit some trails just for fun...

Pigeon House Mountain at Christmas
GNW from Westleigh to Berowra (in sections)
Westliegh to Crosslands
...and more

All good in my running world at the moment so long as i am not tempted to thrash myself and keep steady

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