Saturday, November 19, 2011

Body Sensing

Two weeks of practicing Chi-Running has indeed been good for the body (and the soul)....Im relaxed, no sign of any injury or niggles and feeling strong and ready to roll..the first time in many weeks if not months that I havent spent the night before the long run worrying if I was hurt.

Part of it I know is simply common sense, the act of slowing down and focussing on posture not speed; but on wednesday night this week i felt speed too (for me!) which made me think that maybe i have a better running future ahead...

I think the other thing is that i have generally become a little more aware of my body...on descents i am more careful, on hills i dont lift my legs as much, I stretch before and and after and turn the music off if i need to focus.....somehow the bubble has burst that had me thrashing myself all the time....time to keep going and see what the future holds

Heres a new track im loving when i carry music..

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