Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Chi-List

Just writing myself a note of the chi-things I need to remember in the long term...cant keep them in mind every run, perhaps only one or two, but listing them here helps me imprint them on my brain.....this week im focusing on 1.,2.,8. and far so good

1. Shorten your stride
2. Focus on form and forget the road
3. Keep lower legs limp or they'll get injured
4. Relax
5. Look up
6. Engage pelvis only
7. L-E-A-N
8. Keep arms at 90 degrees
9. Use arms to guide cadence
10. Keep legs straight on
11. Keep feet closer together
12. Feel legs go out the back from above hips
13. Midfoot strike
14. Bodysense
15. Use metronome

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