Monday, November 7, 2011


I had my first Chi-Running coaching session yesterday, two hours of paradigm-shifting realisatons that I generally lumber instead of run and am definitely not aligned and smacking my feet down hard like breaks right on the heel....

The coach sent me a video and i was surprised to see my slow cadence and stooped frame and really enjoyed all the things i was taught....legs straight, pelvis engaged, head up, shoulders aligned and relax..Ive been doing it walking down the street and at the shops too..

I went for a test run twice just to see if i could do it and the forward lean and midfoot strike seems abit different at first but Im holding high hopes that it will mean the end of constant thigh strains and ankle pain and perhaps even the death of my Brooks Beasts (he told me to ditch them NOW!)

This is what i have to remember

1. Legs straight on
2. Pelvis engaged
3. Upright and shoulders/hips aligned
4. Strike legs out the back
5. Midfoot strike
6. Lean to speed up with same cadence
7. Form not power
8. Stay mindful/bodysensing
9. Dont worry about what others are doing
10. Chi-illax

Its alot but it all seems to come together in one piece...

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