Monday, November 14, 2011


Im not sure if this is because of the general thrust of chi-running to relax and enjoy things rather than smash down barriers but i made a decision yesterday to ease up on myself abit when it comes to the goals i have set myself.

In the past my big goal has always been to run 6-Foot Track, a seemingly impossible one given the 4 hour marathon qualifying time...this pressure has been exacerbated by joining a Bush running club where everyone runs 100kms at the drop of a hat....

I am starting to see that what i actually want out of my running year is as follows;

1. One normal marathon per year (Canberra)
2. Some trail runs between 20 and 30kms
3. A couple of halfs
4. A couple of ten kms
5. Run trails on new tracks for the adventure and fun
6. Build up a consistent road running regime four times a week

Each person has their limits and i think these are more secret ultra goals....Im sticking to what Im good at and going to take some pressure off....(of course these goals would seem insane if I looked this a few years ago)

In the immediate next few weeks I will keep my posture as my main focus, run my last long run this Sunday and then have a nice easy Marysville Half the week after...

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