Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Do Injuries Improve When You Run ? Any ideas ?

The body is a strange and unpredictable thing. Im trying to work out some strange happenings with mine ?

Why does my sore ankle get better when I run ?
How much of pain is real vs psychological ?
Is there a link between worrying your injured and being hypervigilant and careful leading to more injury ?

I hurt my ankle again slightly today running hills and tried an experiment. Later in the day I stopped off at an oval on my way to pick up the kids and ran round it once...hey presto..no more pain...what the ?...how come..am I stretching it....are the remnants of an injury tightness ?

Any thoughts?


  1. Just as you don't believe your crazy, same thing happens to me. The quandry is - how do you know when you need to take it easy / or to give it a go to see if its healed?

  2. wierd? my soultion has been to just run and if it hurts stop...i fond myself test8ing it in the shops, up the stairs at home, at my kids school (when noones looking)