Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marathon Here We Come

Our trainer emailed us a few days ago to ask for a commitment if we wanted to run the Canberra Marathon next April....Ive decided Im in! Looking at the Intermediate training schedules it doesnt seem all that daunting, with the longest run at only 30kms at the peak....after my ankle injury Ive been testing myself before comitting and have run every morning this week and will all week, 7km runs but mostly either hard trail runs or hilly runs....so far my injury has improved not gotten worse and Im feeling strong again....and excited...

Anyone got any tips?

So far my thoughts are

* Dont be tempted to overtrain
* Dont worry about times for the first one
* Stick to the training program like a religion
* Always watch my posture, especially when going over the 21km mark
* Dont be too lazy to stretch (I have been too lazy)
* Try and ditch the music sometimes


  1. Great stuff! Exciting!

    im no expert having only run 1 marathon but i wouldnt beat yourself up trying to stick to a training plan. I've never used one but im sure they are a good idea but i wouldnt say you need to stick to anything religiously.

    you'll have no problem anyway. You've run a half so you can run a marathon. Then after the marathon i'll no doubt see you at an ultra..;)

  2. my dream is to do the 6foot track but thats a way off.....ill try and chillout abit about the training !