Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Back to Running

After nearly three weeks off due to ankle and knee problems im finally back having run two ten km runs in Melbourne around the Tan track...the interesting thing was that it actually took running to complete the recovery as the pain only finally went away when I got fed up waiting and just got out there courtesy of strapping and a light knee brace...after a few kms all niggles went away and havent really come back...why is this ? I was in danger of thinking it would never heal but was lucky enough to have a running friend tell me her similar story...anyway what a bloody relief after lots of angst...three weeks off, however, can really take fitness away, ive been aching like crazy even after a ten km run.....the kind of pain Im loving!

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  1. cheers for the comment

    glad your back on track. the body is a funny thing. i wasnt sure if i was going to be able to run ok on sunday because of my shins but after 10km all the pain went away and now seems fine! odd!