Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last night was one of my favourite runs off all time, mostly because it was back to pace and longish (over 11.3kms) for the first time in four weeks, the longest break Ive had since I started 18 months ago.

It started at 7pm with a complete downpour with very heavy rain, which combined with Public Enemy on the ipod and no pain in my ankle or knee was a pretty irriesistable the fact that most of the superfast runners in our group didnt show so me and one other runner had the rare pleasure of taking the lead...kept a pace of 5.4 for about 10kms, very hilly, then slowed down in the last km after a very slight twinge in my ankle from a steep downhill....

....other favourite runs ?

1. 10kms in the Blue Mountains Three Sisters to Leura Cascades
2. 15kms Avalon to Palm Beach and back
3. A bush bashing run out the back of Pennant Hills with my butcher-friend
4. 12km beach run at Manyana South Coast

What about you ?

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