Sunday, October 24, 2010

Keith Jarrett and the Great North Walk

Along the Great North Walk

Today before work I ran part of The Great North Walk near my house for the first time starts about about 1.5kms from my house and has a variety of routes as short as long as you I took a short exploratory run from home to the entrance near Bellamy St Pennant Hills through the bush to Eloura Road, Westleigh..

Had to walk in a few very slippery places, get my feet wet across two streams and climb some reasonably steep did a fantastic job of breaking the monotony of road running and brought back that joyous free feeling you sometimes get in the bush......just me, nature and my ipod playing the incredible Keith Jarrett...he's the most amazing jazz pianist and much better than church!

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  1. that was a great finish huh! keep it up. Nice that you have a place like that near your home.