Monday, August 2, 2010

John Mellencamp is God ! Whats Your Guilty Pleasure Running Music ?

Ok, I might be risking my life with this post, its certainly my guilty pleasure but I ran the other day to a complete Mellencamp playlist to great effect....I nearly stopped to dance to "Cherry Bomb"!!! I smiled through "Pink Houses" and hit the hill to "Jack and Diane"..the man's a fucking genius !!

Try him out, guaranteed PB!


  1. Mellencamp is indeed a genius and is criminally underrated. If you look at his work beyond the long list of hits, the true measure of his talent really sinks in. No guilt here, only gratitude!

  2. LOVE John! The album you listened to the other day is full of songs that are all so FUN. I have great memories connected to several of them.