Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flying Again

Its hard to predict why you sometimes feel sluggish when running and sometimes you feel like your flying...after a sluggish City2Surf Ive run 2 7km runs and felt fantastic on both....Ive been thinking about the City2Surf run and learning quite abit due to the disappointment. Firstly, Im definitely taking it all to seriously....if its not fun whats the point and I will never run well if Im strung out. Secondly, I need to relax more when running and feel what my body wants to do....including start more slowly and build up to speed. Thirdly I need to worry less about whether my legs will hold out on long runs....I pushed myself alot in the last 2 runs and I found Im alot stronger than I think I am. Fourthly, I need to get my breathing right, less laboured.

So with every disappointment comes a lesson..........chill out, listen to my body and enjoy it more!

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