Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100kgs AT Last

This month marks a 16 month anniversary since I started running and the first time Ive looked at the scales and seen the number 100KG......1400 kms and 20KGS lost, it's been a hell of a journey........this is my goal weight so Im pretty pleased to finally get here

Ive been thinking alot about what my future goals will be and how I want to run in the next year or so; here's what Ive come up with.

1. Keep running 4 times a week no matter what
2. Make sure they include one long, one short and fast, one intervals and one recovery
3. Avoid injuring myself again by keeping the intervals 400 metres or longer
4. Do a marathon next year (probably Blackmore's)
5. Get into the front group in City2surf
6. Keep my weight stable
7. Keep doing negative splits
8. Run my own races not other peoples
9. Run solo every now to support 8
10. Run in one cross country event

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