Monday, August 9, 2010

What the Point of Running ?

Been reading a few running blogs and came across a pretty impressive (and popular) blog ca;;ed Show No Weakness. In his post from March he says some things that I really needed to hear

Nine times out of ten, you are alone. Alone in your mind, alone at your desk, alone in your wants and needs. People are not going to understand your goals because they have separate goals. It's not easy to do things alone. You must deviate from the crowd. This is why it is easier to go for a run with people. It's much easier when you know that someone is out there suffering with you. You can't look over and see that when you are suffering alone. But let me tell you... you are alone. You are alone when you cross the finish line, you are alone when you do extra miles, you are alone when you don't get the promotion at work. You are alone. When you can learn to deal with being alone and not depend on the support of others, you become a stronger human being. I have always been alone in the things I've done. You have to expect failure, if you don't when I comes your way, you will not be able to get back up.
I have read countless blogs, articles, and talked to several people who don't think I really hate doing the things I do. And to be blunt about it... It pisses me off. I have never taken the easy way. I have had to fail several times before I succeed at something, and sometimes it was at no fault of my own. But I run, bike, all of the above because I hate it. By hating it and doing it I grow

This guy seems like a bit of a hardnut but it speaks to the fact that i often run worse on my own than in a group. In my mind these statements go to the heart of running, especially when we are hating it. This is why its a metaphor for life, we only really grow through pain whether its in running or anything else

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