Wednesday, August 4, 2010

City2Surf: 3 Days To Go

Three days to go until the 80,000 strong 14km Sydney City2Surf! Im getting excited, not just because of the atmosphere, but because Im in the Green group away from all the prams and walkers...Im publicly declaring that Im going for a time under 75mins....72 if all the conditions are in my favour but I think 75 is more realistic given the crowds........I bought myself a little toy to take with me....Adidas Seenheiser earphones....they sound great, fit like a glove and have a clip for your shirt collar that means they dont pull if you keep your Shuffle on your shorts..

But what about the music ?

Here's ten of the songs i have picked..

1. Dont Tread on me: Metallica
2. Bombs Over Bagdad: Outkast
3. Bonkers: Dizzee Rascal
4. Animal: Mike Snow
5. Bowing Bowing: Jean Luc Ponty
6. Pump Up the Jam: Techtronic
7. Jungle is Massive: MC Vapor
8. Tears Dont Fall: Bullet for My Valentine
9. Back in Black: ACDC
10. The Gods Made Heavy Metal: Manowar (check those dudes)

Good luck Westleigh Warriors!!!!


  1. AWESOME! I am so impressed by you, Paul! I can't wait to hear how the run goes. Those earphones look very cool! Finally someone figured out the "pocket pull" dilemma!

    Is that you on the left in the above video? Lookin good but time for a haircut ;)

  2. yeah thats me Barbara......good Abs huh!