Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the mend

This week has been recovery-running-from-ankle-sprain week where i am running three easy 7kms and one easy 15km....the first two were a real shock to the system after 10 days rest and the week before that being pretty's amazing how the edge wears off in this short amount of time...on my first run my ankle blew up a little the next day which had me worried until i googled that it was normal.....the second days run was extremely hills which made my ankle hurt near the end...I put it in a bucket of cold water afterwards and then it has been relatively painfree since..

This morning very little pain, still sluggish but i really feel like i am on the mend.

I have also been practicing Chi-Running in preperation for my first coaching session in a week or so......i think i undestand how the midfoot strike is achived (kick legs out the back more?) and this means you can lean forward while keeping your pelvis engaged....I have to say it feels pretty good and natural although i have sore muscles in places i dont usually get them (hips, glutes, shins)...I hope this means Im doing it properly..

I now have three weeks of training left to get ready for Marysville wont be my finest moment but so long as i get out there and enjoy it Ill be pretty happy..

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