Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Patience IS a Virtue

After two and a half years running it's amazing how Im still learning things that seem pretty basic once youve got them

1. Running by it's very nature will mean youll hurt yourself every now and then
2. Proper patient recovery is the best way to keep going

I know a sprained ankle isnt much to whinge about but its finally dawned on me that there is no need for all the angst and carry-on whenever i have to take a week off here and there.....God knows my legs are enjoying it and once the obsessional bubble has burst I can even admit that so am I....its a great antidote to emotional burnout.

Ankle is not hurting much now, just a little on the focussing on strenghtening ans cross training and will not run until next Tuesday to be on the safe side...Im super proud of myself because its the first time Ive done this the right way....after a groin strain last year and an adbuctor strain a few months ago i just kept going and needless to say they have never really fully gone away since..

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