Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nietzsche Was a Runner

How is it possible that this crazy philosopher, existentialist, nihilist, immoralist was so right about running?

Sit as little as possible; give no credence to any thought that was not born outdoors while one moved about freely—in which the muscles are not celebrating a feast, too. All prejudices come from the intestines.

The sedentary life—as I have said once before - is the real sin against the holy spirit.

......from Nietzsche's Ecce Homo, (trans. W. Kaufmann), p2 s1

Exhaustion is the shortest way to equality and fraternity.–Friedrich Nietzsche

“On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will
reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so
that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

He's clearly not running here

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