Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ok, i know Im abit more excited than i should be, after all its only been a sprained ankle but there's nothing more satisfying than the fruits of patience...ive spent the last week on the stupid crosstrainer and followed all the advice i could find..stretch, write the alphabet with my foot, strengthen and avoid the temptation to run...not running for 8 whole days is an all-time record since i started 2 and a half years ago and I did it!!!!!

I feel totally clear now and even my thigh strain has gone and other niggles....maybe I should do this every few months or so as Im rearing to go....

I now have three weeks until the Marysville Half..this week Ill ease back in, then thrash myself for two weeks and taper abit on the last...Ill spend one week teaching in New Zealand too so will get some great running in Aukland, Wellington and Nelson...found some great routes last time I was there, with the highlight the riverbank run in Wellington.

After that it's the beginning of Marathon Training (Canberra) but i also really want to do some exploring long The Great North Walk too, to Crosslands and other places..cant wait!!

Time for some music...

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