Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busted Ankle in the Bush

Had a fantastic bush run this am with 2 friends along the Great North Walk with the aim of making Galston Gorge and back...lovely river crossings.

Great trails...

Great views..

Good friends..

Sprained ankle..

Yes, about 1hr into the run I step on a tuft of grass jumping off a rock and get my first sprain ever......I had to then hobble back for another 45mins like a wounded dog on some pretty rough terrain..

My main thought is "thank god its an injury unrelated to biomechanics'.. hooray for a real injury.

Nine hours later, after RICE'g alot in still hobbling around but its slightly better..

The key now is to remember that proper rest and time off will be the key to not making it a long term issue....looks like it nothing for a while, then the bike for a week or two...

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