Friday, September 30, 2011

Rest Time

Went out for an easy run this morning but still pretty sore from Wednesday so pulled back and went home abit body definitely needs abit of a rest for a few days, a rest i never gave it after the Half (as usual).. instead of resting I just plowed on regardless.....i know I plan on some cross-training to replace Sundays run (it's Berowra's handicap which would do me in ATM).....then an easy Tuesday to be ready hopefully for the Warriors first 10km handicap which i supposed to be organising....


Right abductor and left ankle sore-ish so icing and resting seems sensible even though they are pains that come and go without generally stopping me running.....despite the consequences Im still feeling good about getting my mojo back....its always a constant balance between pushing the boundary and overtextending yourself but im glad ive checked off mentally that i can smash out a faster run than normal when i want to...

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