Friday, June 17, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life

Pretty excited about my weekly activities at the moment as I am following the concept of keeping it varied by learning new's my schedule

Monday: AM Boxing group class
Tuesday: AM Easy Run (7kms)
Wednesday: AM Kettle Bells/ PM Tempo 10KM run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: AM Hills Run (7kms)/ PM Free Weights
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long Bush Run (10-12kms) or Road (20kms)

All together it takes 7 hours per equivalent of 60 min/day....not too much

This means i am doing something different every single workout...I've found its the real secret to staying motivated and excited..I am always learning something new and cant wait to get there! This is quite different from last routine consisted only of tempo runs (every single time) or free weights (every time), which became a real drag and lead to many injuries...

Ive also read that variety is actually the best thing for building fitness..your body learns to adapt and never settles into homeostasis.....

What a great excuse to listen to this track "Them Changes"......written by Buddy Miles..the man Hendrix chose to write songs and drum for him....with Santana!!!!

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