Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aching All Over

There is nothing like meeting a group of runners who are faster and fitter than you to inspire you to push harder....thats what has happened in my few runs with Berowra Bush Runners and now Im feeling a little worse for wear....

Im trying to achieve alot of things at once at the moment

1. Increase my weekly kms from 34-50 per week
2. Learn kettle bells to strenghten my core and ankles
3, Shift footwear from motion control to stability
4. Get ready for Jubalani Challenge 23kms Trail Run
5. Run a solo long run each week
6. Take off my ankle strapping
7. Learn about the cause of my niggling groin strain
8. Run the tortorous hills of Berowra bush

Too many?...well probably.....the result is tonite a slightly sore back from kettle bells, a tiny niggle in my ankle from first outing with no strap and a niggle in my groin from a tempo hill run...I know this is normal to have niggles but i also know that prevention is the key? Should i rest....maybe, as i am about to go away for a week to Port Douglas? Am i good at resting? Well, like most

I will probably sheve tomorrows long run and see how we go....

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