Monday, June 6, 2011

Free At Last?

Went to my physio yesterday, a great guy, an ex-runner and someone who has helped me a great deal.....watched me run on his balcony again and is very happy with the changes ive made to my form (arms in, head up, core in) seems like my left leg doesnt overpronate anymore so long as i keep doing this and dont slack off on the exercises...

I now have six different exercises, all designed to strengthen the hips, core and ankles..this week i got some new ones, labelled as 'provocative' because they involve balancing and stressing my ex-injured ankle directly...

The best news is he wants me to stop running with my Brooks Beasts and try something a little less supportive.....just after i bought some new Beasts too...thank god for this as they really are massive bloody shoes!!!

All up my decision to take my eye off times and on to posture over the last few months is working our beautifully.....i really got a bit too obsessed but am now feeling free!

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