Monday, June 13, 2011


Having a few dilemnas this week about my running future...not whether or not to run of course, but who to run with....for the last two years i have run with Westleigh Warriors, a fantastic club that i owe so much to....the trainer and friends have taken me thru my first half marathon and full marathon and I would never have done this without them

Problem is the group doesnt really run bush and this is what i have my heart set on..Ive found it really breaks the monotony of the road and our local bush has so much variety and beauty...

So my other option is to run with a bush group, Berowra Bush Runners........they run 10kms every Sunday and have runners who are way ahead of me, smashing longer and longer trail runs...

The solution of course is to do both.....Wednesday night with the Warriors for speed and for annual Canberra marathon training, Sunday mornings with Berowra where Ill be pushed alot and feel like a little baby runner again......

Tuesdays and Thursdays will stay as is running with my buddies round the local streets....


  1. hey Paul,

    I know a couple of Berowra Bush runners. Nice bunch of people.

    I often go bush running by myself which is good fun. Whats the closest bush to you? If im doing a mammoth session oneday (in prep for my 107 miler) i could meet at some bush near you and pick you up for a run + water stop!

  2. thatd be great...closest place is GNW Eloura entrance or Quarter Sessions entrance....also like the run from Hornsby down to Galston Gorge towards Berowra afraid Id hold you back a fair bit!!