Saturday, June 11, 2011

Into Mordor

Indeed, one does not walk but has to run, and thats what we did this morning as we ventured in the dark and the rain into the netherworld of Galston Gorge...It was my first time using my head torch on a run....very helpful indeed

...and my first time running right after my front teeth fell out over a quick breakfast (its a crown)

The entry in from Hornsby is a wide bush track, a long trek down until you come to a steel bridge...then straight up for a few Kms....just about runable...

As we ventured to the top we saw some very hardy campers, still snoozing...gradually daybreak (and a wetish iphone camera)

Then it really pours, so much that the rock steps resemble a waterfall...down and down into Mordor..

Then on a few kms, it gets darker, and we come accross a waterfall..

Then we try and find our way up the track to Hornsby Heights, climb for a km only to find the bloody track ends..walk back down again and back to the Gorge..a 2km windy road with nowhere to run safely...only one thing for it..wet, bedraggled, muddy...thankyou lovely strangers who thank us at the end for not being axe murderers (despite my missing front tooth)


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