Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running as Psychotherapy?

Im my professional life I confess to being a Psychology academic and even though my research is in child and adolescent family therapy Im thinking of branching out into research on the role of running in adult mental health....Ive done a brief literature review and it seems well supported as one aspect of treatment for moderate and mild depression.....makes sense and seems to effect the brain. mood, thinking, ect.....lots more reading and talking to colleagues to do given I have had very little experience with adult mental health

In my own life running has changed my mood and oulook enormously; I feel so much more energetic and get stuck into life generally in a much more positive fashion.....was i depressed before I started? Maybe....

What are your experiences?


  1. I've used running to help with my depression for almost two years now.
    I started running as a way to stay in shape. I started to really enjoy it and adopted it as part of my weekly routine. However, it wasn't until I took a month long break from it that I realized how much it was helping my mental health.
    Better than any pill the doctor can prescribe you.
    It works!!

  2. this is totally my experience, when im injured (only once thank god) I realise how much it means to me

  3. I have never had depression problems, but I find it a great way to think, while getting a lot of exercise. I always feel good during and after running, so it definitely does something!