Monday, February 14, 2011

Balancing Act: Run to the Edge of Injury But Not Over It

Feeling a slight twinge in my ankle this avo..not sharp but dull, thank god, but it's a reminder that I need to take care, especially when having a run around the Basketball court in between my 4 runs a week...Basketball spells danger unless I'm careful given my previous ankle trouble

I like this quote:

Marathon training is very much a balancing act of pushing yourself close to --but not over --the edge of injury.

I think Ill desist from the b-ball for a while, except for coaching, and make sure I dont do a long-ish run (12kms) right after a long one (21km) which I did today...there's no way Im going to let anything get in the way of the marathon..

Ive also been thinking about what a second Marathon would entail...Im keen not to go through anti-climax after the first one...Ive watched friends do this and a few even stop running and relapse into old ways...Im keen to make it just like any other run ( alot of pain and suffering), one where I finish, recover and then head into the next goal....

My plan

1. Canberra Marathon 2011: Just finish
2. Sydney Blackmoore's Marathon 2011: Just finish
3. Gold Coast Marathon 2012: PR
4. Trail Marathon 2011: Just Finish
5. Blackmoore's Marathon 2012: PR

Then take stock and see how I'm set for the 45km Six Foot Track

Im aiming for a gradual improvement over the years...hopefully without disastrous injuries and certainly while avoiding burnout and maintaining the joy of running..

I am also wondering if Ill keep running 10km run's with the Warriors and 13-14km runs like City and Pub2Pub..not sure at this point..


  1. Sounds very sensible.

    also sounds like your addicted to this game...

    Trail marathon - I recommend Fitzroy Falls in October. Really low key, lovely course, great people. Not techincal,all very runnable.

  2. haha definitely addicted..never would have bloody thought the way what do you do for carb anything or more strategic?