Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Horizons (Again): Time for 0.639 of a Marathon

Marathon training continues and after a 40 km week and a 15km long run it's time to climb the mountain again for a 27km long run this Sunday...3kms further than I have ever run before...two days ago the forecast was for wet and 18, thats now been revised to a scorcher, 34C top and 27C at 5am when we plan to start.....blimey!

My plan stays pretty much the same as for the past 21 and 24km runs...carry enough Gatorade (2 bottles worth) plus pack $5 to buy water if neccesary, eat shotblocks, listen to podcasts if neccesary and only save the music to the end if needed (it makes me run to fast)....mentally ive taken to visualising a slow happy plod there and back beforehand which for some reason works a treat (I really dont believe in this stuff!).......also my mantra of choice has turned out paradoxically to be "stand still" which I think is my way of talking to my mind, persuading it not to count the kms left but run 'in the moment'...again garbage I dont believe in which works incredibly well!

Pace-wise Im happy with a 6.5min/km..I dont really care about time for this one...just keep moving.....

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