Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uncharted Territory

This morning heralded my first run over half marathon distance, 24kms from Westleigh to near Berowra and back with my training partner....slow 6.5 pace meant it felt pretty good, when I finished I felt confident for the first time that maybe I could do the full marathon, so long as i dont push the injuries, just sore legs, hydration managed well with over a litre of Gatorade, plus Shotblocks seem to be the food of choice leaving me with no stomach pains.....Im definitely getting addicted to the longer runs, there's something almost relaxing about the constant rhythm

Two days ago was very different after aggravating my ankle tendon during intervals..I thought id re-injured it but it seemed to go completely after a day..last time it took two week which I dont really understand ??

The next 3 weeks are weekly totals of 40, then we climb the mountain again up to 28 and 30 then 34km long runs.....definitely do-able.....Im just glad to have a break from the lung-busting 5 minute/km pace of shorter runs and can see new horizons opening up for me in the long term

Need to buy some new shoes soon, more boats for the size 14 overpronator I expect

Let me celebrate with this track from my UK hometown of Bolton...Its pure brilliance

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  1. great work Paul. I didnt make it over 17km for my longest run this week.

    Like you said, keep the pace nice and comfortable and the marathon is in the bag.

    I hope your sweating as much as me in this weather...