Thursday, January 27, 2011


Do you ever get that feeling when you go out for a run that your flying even though you weren't aiming to go fast....some runs feel like drudgery but this morning's just felt fantastic, a nice 7km run where we held onto 5.1min/km for most of the way, except the massive hill at the halfway point...Im not sure how to figure it out as usually at this speed i feel pretty exhausted, today we smiled and felt really strong....

One possibility, of course, is that the long runs are starting to effect the short runs..marathon training seems at synch a low pace but maybe the fitness involved is generalising to our shorter speeds..

Either way, what a great morning run


  1. its great when that happens!

    id say all your training is paying off and now your shorter runs are feeling easier. Also slightly cooler these last 2 days.

    For the whole of january my running has been super hard and not fast. The last 3 runs i have felt absolutely fantastic, and like you, i felt like i was flying yesterday. Its days like these you want to remember when things start getting tough as they inevitably do.

  2. too right can be an emotional rollercoaster sometimes