Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Peace on the Quarry Run

The Quarry run, from Hornsby to Dural through the bush seems to be hallowed ground as far as bush running goes at least as far as an old bloke we met this Sunday goes who said it was "like a church' to 6Foot Track-ers.....

This bloke, didnt catch his name, was about 65, a 6 time 6foot veteran and smashing it with the best of them up and down the Quarry runs substantial hills..here's Michelle, my running partner, right at the top of one

We also saw at least six very serous runners who must have been training for 6foot....lots of green shoes and calf compression...the Quarry run is 13kms long....2 very steep hills and I know ultra runners do laps! We did one lap which was more than enough until we start training for longer runs later in the year.

Here is the sad sight of police tape from the mum who committed suicide somewhere in the area a few days earlier..this is terribly sad..apparently she suffered from bipolar depression...poor family...one of her kids is in my daughters class

The next photo is for her...if it's 'like a church' lets hope she finally has found some peace...

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