Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running for the Sake of It

January/February has been a fantastic 2 months of PB's, no races, no new longer distances....just running four times a week and loving it...

The focus has still been on chi-running..ive lapsed form a few times and have been reminded by sorer than normal legs, but have also managed to change cadence from 60 to about 75 strikes per minute which feels awkward but much better when your done..

The focus has also been on trying to conquer the famous quarry run in Hornsby, a 13km monster of hills and 6ft track training run...over the past three weeks our times have been 1hr49,1hr42,1hr37 so we will keep on trying until it gets down to as low as we can go? 1h25? maybe...need to run the steep bits more and leg it down the hills faster to achieve this

Ive also broken in some leech proof shoes for the more technical parts of the GNW,
Montrail Fairweather Outdry

Straight out of the box, on the trail, with no problems....beautiful shoes.

As far as the future goes, there is Lindfield 10kms soon, then SMH Half Marathon, Jabulani much later in the year, etc.

Im amazed how ones relationship with running changes over the years...three years ago it was all about power running and times but now its just a pleasure to get out there and be in it.

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