Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Years Races

Been um-ing and ah-ing about what to run this year, especially whether or not to run a marathon...pretty much certain Ill avoid the marathon and focus on some great fun 10-20-30 length races....keen though to make this the year of Chi, the year of enjoying running and the year of going out hard and staying that way...

Here are the races i am planning

1.-April Linfield: 10km: horrible hills
2.-May Sydney SMH Half
3.-June Woodford to Glenbrook 25km: never done this before and it would be my longest trail run
4.-August Jabulani Challenge 23km: my fave run last year
Pub2Pub: never miss
5.-September Sydney Blackmoore's Half: time to beat last years dissapointing time
6.-October SAN Run4Life 10km
7.-November Bare Creek Trail St Ives 10km: short but sweet local run

The highlights will be Woodford to Glenbrook and Jabulani...the low point will be the SAN and Linfield which are horrible hilly courses on the road...

As far as Marathoning goes I hope my one outing will not be the only one i do in my life, lets see.

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