Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Running

What a fantastic two weeks of summer running I have had down the South Coast in Manyana. Thanks to my chi-running coaching i ran more kms than ever before, on harder terrain, with minimal pains and strains.

The highlight was a run from Manyana Beach to Monument Beach, a run that involves alot of softish sand running, bush tracks, rocks and some road....a 12kms arduous run that was the regular jaunt with my friend Alison.

The second highlight was a run up Pidgeon House Mountain, a steep mountain run with 750metre elevation.....lots of kiddies came too, walking, while I played the hero and tried to beat my record of 1hr7mins return.

I made the top in 38mins (a record) but came down slower than last year, amounting to a 30 second pb in the end of 1hour5mins30secs.

The total for 12 days was around 80kms, most of it off road, amounting to a massive vote of confidence for chi-running and the year to come!!

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