Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just a short note to celebrate the fact that I have now been running consistently now for about four weeks with no serious niggles, strains, relapses, tendonitis, sore ankles to speak of and that chi-running in demonstrating the effect I hoped it would have.....the foam roller has cobwebs on it, the rolling pin (called Cyril) in being used in the kitchen not on my legs (yuk!) and i am not spending half my time stretching out knots and strains...

If youd asked me three months ago if this was possible Id have laughed...I really was getting very frustrated and fed up but now feel completely free again.

The current state of affairs also isnt a result of any easing off of running...Ive taken on some major challenges, including Pidgeon House mountain (nearly twice in a row), plenty of 2 hour bush runs, hill running, tempo, etc.

Overall my conclusion is that all my problems were postural...I was smashing my legs and feet into the pavement and The Beast was not helping one bit...

Now Im happy with Brooks Adrenalin but am seriously contemplating taking it down a step further. These beauties look good!

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