Monday, December 19, 2011

Plans for 2012

As the year ends i am thinking about what has been achieved this year. Its been a great year of running with the highlights:

1. Finishing my first marathon in Canberra in April
2. Going bush and tackling the Jabulani Challenge 22kms
3. Discovering the Great North Walk and all its pleasures
4. Starting to develop sustainability through chi-running

Next year I will give the Marathon a miss and focus on mainly trail running and consolidating chi-running ....i dont feel the thrill of setting a marathon goal but am very keen on doing more trail runs..

...which runs to aim for next year has a few dilemnas in it....I was keen to run Mt Wilson to Bilpin 34kms in August but it clashes with a few other things, particularly Jabulani and Pub2pub which i really dont want to miss. Here's a tentative list

Linfield Funrun 10k April 3
Sydney Half Marathon May 20
Woodford to Glenbrook June 26 25kms
Jabulani Challenge 7 August 21kms
Pub2pub 13kms August 26
Blackmores Half September 18
Bare Creek Trail Run St Ives 10kms 13 November

The new run for the year will probably be Woodford to Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains rather than Mt Wilson to Bilpin

The key will be to keep enjoying it of course, focusing on form not speed and do as many casual runs with friends in the bush as possible!

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