Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chi's Coming Together

Every now and then Im getting that feeling like all the stars align and i finally understand how the chi-running process is supposed to far ive practiced specific things on each run, mid-foot strike, cadence, pelvis in, relax,but during the past few runs this week it has started to come together as a whole..

Last wednesday night for example i ran 11kms, most of which involved the forward lean and correct posture and felt really at ease and relaxed for the whole pace is still slow (as low as 6mins/km at this distance) but I can feel the petrol still in the tank when Im getting it right.

The biggest benefit seems to be what happens between runs rather than just during runs...the terrible strains and pain in my ankles and abductors has diminished and i am finding that my recovery is much quicker...

Lets hope i have finally found the answer.

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