Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010:1852 Kms of Happiness

2010 was my second ever running year and it's been quite an adventure. I ran in nine races including 2 half-marathons in Sydney, one hilly and one flatish and clocked 1852kms in training and broke 5min km times on two shorter runs.......its been a fantastic year of learning and friendship with fellow Warriors and one where i think I have learned to be a little less earnest about it all, stopping to enjoy it, taking my earphones out more, building in recovery runs and taking photos along the way...

The biggest lessons have probably been;

1. Posture: Learning thru injury how important straighter arm movement and core work are to mediate against overpronation and wear and tear on knees and ankles

2. Nutrition: After 20kg weight loss I have finally realised what normal eating is like (ie: alot less less food and alchohol)

3. Chilling Out: Ive figured out that sustainability and enjoyment and more important than chasing faster times

4. The Bush: did my first real trail runs this year and feel in love!

5. Flexibility: Learned to be flexible with when I run (but not how much) to make sure I dont prioritize it over other responsibilities every time

Generally I hope this all keeps me in good stead for next year's challenge; two marathons Canberra in April and Sydney in September...we are already 5 weeks into training for Canberra but still havent exceeded Half training distances....

I can honestly say that running has given me more pleasure than I ever imagined this year! Good luck to you all in your 2011 goals, lets keep on pounding the pavement (and bush).....keep on running!

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