Thursday, December 9, 2010

Notes to My Sore Knee

Did heaps of hill work this week, a total of 39km over four runs, each of which had significant a result my left knee pain has come back (only a tiny twitch at this point but i get paranoid) but i want to make sure I prevent it worsening....according to CoolRunning "runner's knee most often strikes as runners approach forty miles per week for the first time"...I tend to get it as i approach 40kms

Here's abit of my planning for the next week (Im blogging this so i remember)

Dont panic, its the most common injury for runners
Take smaller slower stride going down hills
Run two out of four runs in the bush where its softer underfoot
Dont get lazy about my posture, especially on longer runs..need to keep trying to prevent overpronation
Pick flatter runs
Dont run on banked road sides

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