Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Ipod or not to Ipod?

To Ipod or not to Ipod that is the question? Check the pedestrian above run over by a semi while listening to one...

Ive also noticed myself relying on it alot less during marathon training, keeping it as a safety net in my running belt but never bringing it out...The safety issue was also brought home to me last week when we ran past a cyclist on the ground, hit by a car and with a broken collarbone..
I tend to find it irritating on long runs and anti-social, given the slower pace means we can talk much of the way......Ive pretty much narrowed it down for use during Wednesday nights fast run..I just cant seem to get the pace up without the 'duff-duff-duff' sound in my ear...in fact my heart actually begins to race Pavlov's-dog-style when i hear songs at home which i have used on these runs..

What about you? Music or no? Just make sure that if you do have one you listen to something that'll work, like this...

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