Monday, December 5, 2011


Its been a while since my last post...things have been pretty busy...As far as running goes the highlight in the past few weeks has certainly been the Marysville Half Marathon, run in a town obliterated by bush fires a few years can see below that it's re-grown pretty well

The course consisted of mud (first 9 Kms), then uphill (next 7), then down hill (next 5) the end of the long torturous hill was a beautuful waterfall to reward our efforts........
Generally I was very happy with my race..I took the view that a steady run would work best, especially given the mud....generally i was out there to enjoy it, practice my chi-form and look around...below, however, you can see my form after the massive hill where my legs, core and back felt quite smashed...pretty much defines the opposite of chi, but, hey, its a transition that should take quite a while.

I have to take my hat off to Grace and Wendy who i went with..Grace because she ran effortlessly and for her generosity with showing me about and transport..

Wendy because she was a massive inspiration..this was her third half for the year and she has already run three marathons too including St Petersburg.......she has so many stories about a lifetime of running...what a fantastic person...

After this i took a few days rest, ran a few 7kms during the week, then smashed it again on Sunday with a 2 hour trail run along GNW from Westleigh towards Galston Gorge...thanks Duncan and Al for a really enjoyable run..

During the week Ive been feeling abit sore....hobbling abit during my second Chi training session with my great coach, JR...this time trying hard to learn how to speed up my cadence...some improvements but along way to go..I like the diagram below, because it reminds me to relax about it abit and take my time..Im giving myself 6 months to get it properly

I did however buy some new shoes...not flat ones as advised but 2 steps down from The Beast....Ill gradually get there..

By for now!!!

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